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4,959,629: A High Torque Rotary Solenoid
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5115194: A Hall Effect Speed and Position Sensor
5,264,792:  A Hall Effect Flux Return Pole Piece Position Sensor
5,321,355:  A Hall Effect Position Sensor Pole Piece Design
5,444,369:  A Hall Effect Rotational Angle Position Sensor
5,448,217:  An Ignition Coil with Spark Duration Control
6,137,288:  A Hall Effect Rotational Angle Sensor with Zero Hysteresis
6,356,076:  A Magnetoresistive Gear Tooth Sensor
6,417,664:  A Hall Effect Rotational Angle Sensor with an Interrupted Pole Piece
6,459,261:  A Magnetoresistive Gear Tooth Position Sensor Electronic Circuit
6,472,865:  A Dual Hall Effect Rotational Angle Position Sensor
6,509,734:  A Hall Effect Electronic Control Circuit for a Rotational Angle Position Sensor
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6,586,929: A linear Travel Position Sensor Magnetic
6,653,830: A Magnetoresistive Linear Position Sensor with Shaped Pole
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6,717,399: A Gear Tooth MR Electronic Sensor Circuit
6,798,195: A linear Position Sensor
Other Rotary Angle Sensor  Patents
That Reference
Patents 5,444,369 and 6,137,288
How-to- Build Instructions: Click Here
Building a Hall Effect Gear Tooth Sensor
or a
        Ferrous Object Position Sensor