Book #1
This is the first book that was
published which covered 6502 and
Z80 Machine Language
programing to control 6502 and
Z80 single board computers in
basic programmable controller
Book #2
This is the second book that was
published using the 6502  
Commodore Computer Boards in
place of the single board
computers in book 1.
The analog to digital converter and I/O projects in these two books will be
republished on this WEB site using "Liberty Basic" which works very well with both
Windows ME and XP. Liberty Basic is an out-standing performer in Windows
applications and it can be down loaded from the LB Web Site and used at no charge
with Basic programs of 8K or less.  All I/O and A to D programs published on this
web site will use programs of  8K or less.
Note:  Click on the book to see its index