BJ at his bird bath.  Yes, he does take a shower in the running dripping water.  You might
note the outside bird bath shown in the picture below.  BJ learned what to do in his bird bath
by watching the the outside birds using theirs. I wonder if BJ is the only Blue Jay in the USA
with his own pivate bird bath?
BJ's Screen Room.  Note the outside bird feeder and bird bath to the
left and above the table with BJ's dinner plates.
BJ at about 4 or 5 weeks old living in his first tree inside the screen room and
learning from the Big Blue Jays as they stopped by the outside bird feeder
and bird bath.  The screen room doors were left open at first and peanuts
were put on the floor.  The Big Blue Jays came in to eat the peanuts, but no
one claimed BJ. It was easy to observe BJ's disappointment when the Big
Blue Jays came in to get the peanuts but paid no attention to him. BJ must
have liked his inside birdy tree because he never tried to follow the older
birds out the door.
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