Landing Approach Number
Landing Number
I always liked to observe the on-lookers who
watched me start my motor with a pull-rope.
There is a difference between pulling the rope
on  a 3.5 Hp lawn mower and a 40 Hp Rotax
airplane engine.
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article by clicking here.
Sgt. Robert H. Luetzow
Company B
Det. C, 12th Special Forces
May 1967 to February 1970
Member - USPA
1968 to 1978
Jump School - January 1968
At right is a picture of my Army Reserve Unit,
Company B. Det C, 12th Special Forces at
South Bend, Indiana,  getting ready for a jump
into the Kings Berry, Indiana  training area
sometime during the Summer of 1968.  The
four  C119 aircraft used for our jumps came
from the Airforce Reserve Transport Unit
located in Chicago.
At left is a picture of my
skydiving parachute I used from
1968 to 1978.  My USPA
skydiving license number was
This is me in 1968 at Fort Benning
for three weeks of Jump School.